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Dear Pet Hotel,

Eloise Pet Accessories is a company that works with many high end hotels and are happy to produce any customized pet products you may need. Our focus is making your dog beds fit into the decor of your hotel. We also focus on making sure your brand is the focus on the dog bed.

Clients who stay in a hotel that makes their pet feel like they are welcome means a client who stays longer at your hotel. Most people would rather bring there dog with them than pay $75 - $100 a day to a kennel or in home care giver. That means they have more money to spend at your hotel.

I have worked with the hotel industry for 14 years and together we have had great success.

Information about our beds:

  • They are all machine washable. The cover zips off to be washed.
  • The inserts are made to last.
  • The fabric we use is safe and comfortable for all dogs.
  • We do not use feathers in our inserts as many pets are allergic.
  • Our dog cookies have a shelve life of 1 year.
  • Our dog mats are machine washable and can be embroidered too.
  • We offer several choices of dog bowls and they are all dish washer safe.

Please contact me directly via email at  or call (310) 650-2970 for wholesale pricing.